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Although Australian Rules Footy, rugby, and thoroughbred horse racing for a long time have dominated the bookmakers when it comes to Aussie punters it is all quickly starting to change thanks to online wagering venues. These days all Australians have access to the thousands of events taking place worldwide and are no longer restrained to local sporting events. This means the world of European soccer has been made accessible to the average Aussie punters and with so many great teams and tournaments based in Europe, there are bound to be many Australians taking advantage of these great services in the months to come.


When it comes to European soccer, the Union of European Football Associations, or UEFA, as the controlling body for the sport in Europe organizes and oversees the majority of major competitions. The organization was founded in 1954 on 15 June in Basel, Switzerland and was originally based in Paris until 1959. However, UEFA would eventually end moving the headquarters of the organization to Bern and in 1995 the administrative center for UEFA was moved to Nyon, Switzerland. In the beginning the organization consisted of 25 national associations, however it has quickly grown over the years and currently includes 53 different associations. For Aussie punters betting European soccer online, the events that you will definitely want to be looking out for are those hosted by the iconic Union of European Football Associations.

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UEFA European Football Championship

Perhaps the most popular of all the great tournaments hosted by UEFA is the UEFA European Football Championship. This is by far the premier competition for the national men’s team under the governance of UEFA. The tournament is held every four years since its inaugural year in 1960 and doesn’t conflict with other popular events like the FIFA World Cup events. Many might remember the tournament as the UEFA European Nations Cup, which was its original name prior to a change in 1968. There are also many individuals that will refer to the tournament as, for example, the Euro 2008 depending on the year.

There is a qualifying process for all competing nations other than that year’s host nation who is automatically qualified. There are many reasons that this tournament always attracts so many punters, however one of the main reasons is the fact that the winners will automatically gain qualification for the FIFA Confederations Cup. However there are many teams that forgo this opportunity, as the Confederations Cup is not mandatory.

UEFA Champions League

When it comes to league competitions within the European soccer market, UEFA also hosts the popular UEFA Champions League competition also known as the European Cup or the Champions League. However, many might remember the tournament by its old name of the European Champion Clubs; Cup and then it was often referred to as the European Champion’s Cup. This annual event has been hosted since 1955 and is contested among the top clubs in Europe. As one of the most prestigious club trophies in all of European football, the UEFA Champions League doesn’t have any issues attracting a ton of avid Aussie punters. The most notable record holders competing in the UEFA Champions League is the Real Madrid club who has a total of nine titles. However the current champions is Barcelona. There have been no consecutive wins since 1992 when the name changed officially took place. The great news is there are many great online bookmakers and wagering venues now providing Australians with a ton of opportunities to wager on the UEFA Champions League.


With all of the avid football fans and punters in Australia, it’s no surprise that so many are interested in the great European soccer events taking place each year. For example, the UEFA events hosted such as the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA European Football Championship. These events are some of the most prestigious events taking place throughout Europe and the fact that they don’t conflict with the World Cup means many will definitely be taking advantage of these opportunities. Luckily, Australians can quickly do so these days with the help of online wagering venues and bookmakers. This is something that many Aussie punters will certainly be taking advantage of in anticipation of the World Cup.